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What We Do

Supporting children and young people to thrive

Our Vision

Our vision is to support young people who are struggling in education and would like extra support at school or home.

This includes working alongside their parents, giving time and space to reconnect and build relationships, to re-ignite aspirations and thriving together as a family.

Image by Clay Banks

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide peaceful sanctuaries for the rest and renewal of young people and their families, who seek support in challenging times.  In our unique retreats , within our compassionate and loving community, their stories will be listened to, and their voices heard. 


We aim to provide a therapeutic setting where children and young people, along with their family, may enjoy rest and renewal, foster connection and together forge a way forward.

We wish to operate from heritage properties of importance to the local community across the UK, to engender a sense of cultural heritage, identity and community belonging.

and to  achieve immediate, and lasting change in their lives.

We invite young people to be involved in the leadership of the charity, as members of the trustee board.

Our young people and their families will:

  •  be part of a compassionate and loving community where their voices are heard;

  • access personal development coaching, health and wellbeing therapies; education, creative arts and holiday activities;

  • participate and build skills in heritage conservation;

  • connect with cultural heritage, and their identity, family history, and relationships;

  • spend time outdoors, in the surrounding countryside, and engage in citizen science.

a group of young people
parents with a young child

The parents/carers of our young people will:

  • increase their confidence and capacity to become involved in their children's learning at school;

  • improve their mental health and well-being;

  • be supported to achieve their own personal aspirations and increase life chances for their whole family;

  • become part of a network of sustainable support in the local community.

Our Projects

Our strategy is innovative: harnessing the power of personal development and transformation for all the family, enabling them to plan and be in control of their own pathway to creating a better future for themselves. We provide an alternative contribution to the way our society is dealing with the disengagement of disadvantaged young people, and those that find themselves in family crisis.


We believe this will also play a part in closing the attainment gap in education, by tackling the problem at its root cause.

Recognising the enormity of the issue we are addressing, Connect to purpose is dedicated to making a lasting impact. While our efforts are driven by our organisation’s focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of programs.

Lets improve the life chances of young people and their families

We rely on donations to sustain the work we do and every single contribution matters!

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