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Connect Programme

A 10-week evidenced-based course that helps parents to support their teenage children who are struggling with depression, anxiety or other intense emotional issues, or who are having social and behavourial difficulties.


Parents meet in small groups with two trained group leaders for 90 minutes each week. Each session provides parents with a new perspective on parent-teen relationships and adolescent development. Parents watch role-plays and try exercises that encourage more choices for responding to their teens’ difficult behaviour. 

We understand that each child and each parent is different and change is part of development. Rather than teach only one way of parenting, we help parents to see alternatives in dealing with their teens in ways which support healthy relationships while setting limits and helping their teen to move forward.

Parents have expressed that they appreciate how the role-plays showed them how to handle different problems, and they value the confidence that they have gained as a parent. Parents have also shared that the leaders have helped them feel positive and hopeful about their parent-child relationship, and they have been excited to see gradual growth in their relationship.


The Connect Program was co-developed over the last 10 years by a team of clinical psychologists at the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre and Dr. Marlene Moretti of Simon Fraser University (British Columbia).


Connect is well-supported by research evidence and is rated as a Level 1 intervention.


Over 7000 families have participated in Connect© and 900+ families have enjoyed participating in the evaluation study. It is run by a variety of trained professionals in settings such as schools, community agencies and mental health offices across Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Italy, and now the UK.

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  • 97% of parents feel better equipped to understand their child.

  • 95% of parents feel better equipped to understand themselves as a parent.

  • 86% of parents see positive changes in the relationship with their child as a result of applying what they learned.

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